Webdreams: Paris Grows Up

Webdreams is a Canadian show on the Showcase channel.  It’s a reality show, which each week follows the careers a few people tried to make it in the porn industry.  I don’t know if the episodes have names, but I call this one ‘Paris Grows Up’.

Paris (can’t remember her last name) has been modelling in soft core for a while.  After getting offers to get into the big time, getting a glimpse of what it’s like, and getting a cast made of her nethers for her own line of sex toys, she has an epiphany and realizes porn is not for her.  For a reality show about porn, I thought that was an interesting twist.   She’s decided to make a go of it as a mainstream actress, and she seems to have at least enough acting chops to get in the door.  Hard to say where it will go from there, but best of luck to her.  I wonder if this show will follow her career now that she’s left the porn world?  Tune in next week.

We also met ‘Seven’, a hard core porn director who’s also trying to go mainstream with a TV pilot about the racy sex lives of married couples.  After hiring main stream actors, we find he’s not quite sure how to shot sex scenes outside of the porn world, and his actors are a little put off by the graphic nature of what he’s suggesting.

At any rate, I find the show interesting.  Aside from the sex angle, it’s basically just a show about the journey these folks are on as they try and find their ways through life, so it’s got great human interest and drama and so on.  Of course, it has lots of sex, and sex is the salt of storytelling: everything’s better with a little more sex.  I suppose that’s true of so many things in life.


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